Our Process

Initial Inspection

Upon arrival, we will do a thorough walk through to determine all of the areas that need to be cleaned. We will work with you to determine which areas are the most pressing to address.

Floor Prep

We will thoroughly vacuum your carpet to remove any loose debris and surface dirt. When we treat the carpet, we do not want to create mud, so we get as much dirt out at the start as possible. Most carpet soil is dry particle matter, & it is the sticky residue in the carpet fibers which needs the attention of a professional that understands the chemistry and the mechanics of how to care for your carpets.

Stain Treatment

Before we begin the heavy cleaning, we will treat all of the stains on the carpet.

Chemical Treatment

Once vacuumed, we apply a special encapsulation chemical to the affected area of the carpet. This formula utilizes a crystalizing acrylic polymer, as well as surfactants, which enables the bond between dirt/grease to be broken.

Rotary Bonnet

Once carpet is treated, the chemical will be worked into the carpet with a rotary bonnet. The movement of the bonnet absorbs and removes the soil, as well as any excess solution. It also creates enough heat to begin the drying process, only leaving a small amount of moisture behind. This moisture will dry quickly.

Quick Drying

We will rake the affected area with a specially designed carpet rake, raising the carpet nap and allowing air to pass through the fibers. This process dries the carpet faster, while simultaneously giving it a fresh look.

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